Release Notes

A brief history of the project.

January 2022

The kernl(ui) and Global elements packages are now hosted on AWS S3 + CloudFront. CDN outage resulted in slow site load times for users and the Global Header and Footer components could not be displayed. Due to this outage, the Global Header and Footer components were moved from the CDN service to AWS S3 + CloudFront.

Changes to the CDN have been reflected in the installation guide.

Note: The kernl-ui and global-elements package are still available on and installations can continue to use yarn or npm to install the package.

v2.0.0 Update to CDN provider

  1. Update kernl-ui CSS/JS references from to

    - <link rel="stylesheet" href="^2.0.0/dist/css/index.css">
    - <script src="^2.0.0/dist/js/index.umd.js" defer></script>
    - <script src="^2.0.0/dist/js/browser-update.js" defer></script>
    + <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
    + <script src="" defer></script>
    + <script src="" defer></script>
  2. Update global-elements CSS/JS references from to

    - <link rel="stylesheet" href="^1.0.0/dist/css/index.css">
    - <script src="^1.0.0/dist/js/index.umd.js" defer></script>
    + <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
    + <script src="" defer></script>

January 2021

v2.0.0 Upgrade Guide

View here

v2.0.0 Official Release Breaking Changes

  • Switched to using Tailwind presets to extend the kernl(ui) default configuration
  • Updated PurgeCss configuration
  • Updated color palette
  • Removed bg-*-semi-*, border-*-semi-* classes in favor of Tailwind's bg-opacity and border-opacity classes (using kernl(ui)'s opacity scale)
  • Replaced kernl(ui) Aspect Ratios Plugin With Official Tailwind Plugin
  • Replaced Tailwind Custom Forms Plugin With Tailwind Forms Plugin (optional, but recommended)
  • Removed undocumented kernl(ui) gradients plugin in favor of Tailwind gradients
  • Updated Typography plugin configuration {#typography}
  • Removed the loader class previously included with kernl(ui) in favor of using the Tailwind animate-spin class on a feather icon
  • Used Tailwind's default line height feature so elements that don't explicitly have a line height set will have a default line height dependent on their font size
  • Switched to Tailwind's composable transforms instead of the IE11 version which requires adding the transform class to any items using a transform property
  • Rename whitespace-no-wrap class to whitespace-nowrap and flex-no-wrap class to flex-nowrap
  • Remove focus:shadow-outline class in favor of focus:ring focus:ring-blue-500

Other changes

  • Dropped support for IE11 in favor of a Browser Update notification
  • Added documentation for configuring PurgeCss to work with kernl(ui)

June 2020

Beta release

  • Baseline pattern library established
  • Interactive documentation site created

May 2020

Alpha release

  • Initialized project with TailwindCSS and AlpineJS including the building blocks: color, typography and other Northeastern brand defaults