(If I wasn’t a professor) I think I would still be a researcher. I work closely with people at different companies or organizations where all they do is research, so I would want to do something like that.

Magy Seif El-Nasr

Associate professor, with joint appointments in the College of Compute and Information Science and the College of Arts, Media & Design

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I'm excited to see my daughter begin her next semester here. This job and the work i do keeps me young. That and being around young people every day. It's why I haven't aged.

Vincent Mitchell

Facilities Service, landscape maintenance

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The best part of my job is engaging with the students. They are very appreciative of the work we do. I think every year the campus gets safer. A lot of that has to do with zeroing in on areas where we can do better, and working to do that.

Celine Conte

Community Service Officer, NUPD

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